Umutcan Yılmaz

Mesaj Group

  • Client: Levent Karabidek
  • Date: January 2024
  • Applied Service: Full Corporate Design
  • Applied Skills: Wordpress, BASH, HTML, CSS, JS, Canva
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The project began with a meeting at Mr. Bidek’s new office in Kızılay, which was still under construction. Mr. Bidek was in the process of starting his new business and was looking for professional assistance. Through his references, he found me to help him establish a corporate identity and design a website that would appear both respectful and well-established, while also looking fresh and stable. In our initial meeting, we discussed his vision and goals. He needed a comprehensive corporate identity, including a corporate name, logo, business cards, envelope, invoice, pocket folder, and letterhead. Additionally, he required a robust website with a unique design for each of the 38 pages, each page translated into 24 languages, SEO optimization, and multiple revisions to ensure perfection.

For the corporate identity, I designed 23 logo drafts for his old corporate name. These are some of them:

This was the final logo for his old corporate name:

After this, Mr. Bidek and I decided to change the corporate name and made 19 logo drafts for the new one, with each draft undergoing five revisions. These are some of them:

We did not like the created drafts above. Instead, we created these logos which would be the final ones:

The final logo was meticulously crafted to project a well-established and professional image, seamlessly blending two key elements: a bird, symbolizing freedom and communication (historically, birds were used to send messages), and atop it, a book, representing the embodiment of knowledge and information.

After the careful creation of the corporate logo, we decided to move forward to create business cards. To reflect the professional and sophisticated image of Mr. Bidek’s new business, I designed business cards for seven individuals. Each business card underwent multiple revisions to ensure they met the exact specifications and branding guidelines. The final designs were polished and professional, providing a strong first impression for potential clients and partners. These are two examples:

The corporate envelope was designed to complement the overall branding, ensuring consistency across all stationery. The envelope design went through several revisions to achieve a clean and professional look that aligns with the corporate identity.

The letterhead design reflects the corporate identity and is used for all official communications. It includes the company logo and contact information in a clean and professional layout. The letterhead design was carefully revised to ensure it meets the highest standards of professionalism.

The corporate folder was designed to be both practical and visually appealing. It serves as a professional tool for holding and organizing documents. The design process included multiple revisions to ensure it was not only functional but also a strong representation of the brand.

The website design was an extensive process. Each of the 38 pages had a unique design and went through 346 revisions to meet Mr. Bidek’s expectations. These pages were translated into 24 languages, with some translations done manually to ensure accuracy. The website was also optimized for SEO, ensuring high visibility in search engines. In addition to the design work, I installed and configured an Ubuntu server with Cyberpanel and OpenLiteSpeed, set up a mail server, and integrated Cloudflare and CDN for enhanced performance and security. WordPress was installed and a custom theme was designed and optimized for speed and usability. Throughout the project, various security measures were implemented, including RSA 4096 encryption, ModSecurity, CSF, Imunify 360, and Imunify AV for comprehensive protection. The website utilized HTTP/3, 0-RTT optimization, and IPv6 compatibility, among other advanced features, to ensure a high level of security and performance.

The final deliverables included a complete corporate identity package and a fully functional, highly optimized website. The project highlighted my ability to handle complex requirements and deliver high-quality results, making it a significant addition to my portfolio.