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Comment on Oedipus Complex

03/10/2022 Edebiyat

First thing to start, to explain, Oedipus Complex is a conception of Freud that refers to a child between three to five years, who is aggressive and envious towards same sex parent and attached to the opposite sex parent. Son, who gets envious and tolds his father not to touch mother and daughter, who is saying that she will marry her dad once she is adult can be given as an example for this situation. Given the definition and example of the Oedipus Complex by Freud one can refer to its story. Oedipus rex is a tragic hero with a tragic flaw of pride, who marries his mother and kills his father, resulting in pinning his own eyes at the end. One can comment on this situation as concept of Freud, given his name to the concept complex as Oedipus is partially correct. Clever naming, and referring the situation but a bit aggressive thinking of resulting actions of protagonist. It is thought that this situation is actually normal development of a child and it is seen in many children, which I would agree because I lived this situation. However, my thoughts on this concept as a literary student are as follows; it is a bit harsh naming regarding the situation Oedipus rex is in as it is suggested that Oedipus Complex is normal on child between years of three to five, however, it follows the crucial point in the story; one can say Oedipus a correct example of a child that is on this situation. Resulting in an opinion of indecisiveness. My thoughts are not clear crystal on this subject as it is aforementioned.

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