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Comment on The Persistence of Memory by Dali

03/10/2022 Edebiyat

The Persistence of Memory, by Salvador Dalí, has the surreal effect of one’s familiarity joined with the state or experience of being isolated from a group or an activity to which one should belong or in which one should be involved. This painting gives the effect of a stranger looking in, however, at the same time, one feels that the subject of the painting is the viewer.

 If one decides to take a closer look at the painting, the emphasis of the piece are actually the four melting clocks scattered at some point of the portrait. Some might also additionally argue that it’s his mysterious white figure that attracts great interest to the work. The portrayal incorporates a robust experience of motion as well. The melting clocks create an optical phantasm, giving the viewer the impact that they may be truly dripping metal. The ant colony at the bronze watch additionally creates an experience of movement as they scatter on its surface. The cracked and crumbling mountains add to this motion too, even as the water under and the white figure stay absolutely still. The use of shadows within the image builds a robust contrast among assets of mild and darkness. The lights task emphasis on numerous items and build three dimensions using shadow and color. The contrast additionally brings the three-dimensional illusion to life, giving the painting its distinguishing features. The portrayal lacks a particular sample or motif, and the routine item is the pocket watches. It’s surroundings change during the piece from geometric objects, to drain space, to mountains. In this piece the vanishing factor seems to make experience and the water touching the skyline offers an illusion of distance. The share of the alternative gadgets in the portrayal, however, do now no longer comply with conventional standards. The pocket watches appear ridiculously massive and warped in each direction, even as the tree retaining the silver watch up is comparable in length to the pocket watch. The overall harmony of Dali’s portrayal brings blended emotions. 

The message Dali is attempting to unfold is that existence is fast-paced and complete of alternatives which once in a while produce negative outcomes, however we move on. The clocks are the simplest stepping stones into the actual meaning behind the portrayal. The silver watch on the tree is symbolic of a time which has lately passed (being second closest to the white figure). The gold watch symbolizes the pleasant years of life slowly escaping. The closed bronze watch with the ants should characterize a time which the artist desired to move on and forget but could not. The one on top of the white figure symbolizes the area that he is at now and presently looking to stay. The pebbles painted on contrary facets of the canvas represent separation between a lover. The cracks in the mountains are boundaries that one faces earlier than they are able to attain a solid factor in life and discover happiness. The raised blue platform in the back symbolizes the direction to a better quality of life, whilst the lifeless tree suggests mortality and that nothing lives forever. The fly’s shadow in the shape of someone may be any other image of Dali’s love escaping, or that he desires to break out of reality. The portrayal itself displays plenty on Salvador Dalí, and the manner which he considered life. Moreover, The Persistence of Memory appears to have a darker effect on people due to its style and subject. It is not seen as a happy or glad portrayal, however, it is strange and disturbing. This portrayal is understood to have qualities of fear and tension of the unknown surroundings, likewise the effects of being in the time of post-war; being desperate, mixed with despair and hope. 

Overall, my comment on The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dalí is that I feel as though this is a place that my mind has gone before, yet at the same time the painting is composed of completely unreal possibilities, resulting in being left to decide what is long-lasting and what is temporary, resulting being in paradox.

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